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Vodafone and EPC have partnered together to enable a convenient lifestyle for every Samoan. This integration with EPC aims to increase the accessibility of EPC to every Samoan and purchase Prepaid Power (Cash Power) conveniently, securely and in real time from anywhere in Samoa– all from your Vodafone Mobile Phone.

The partnership provides an alternative solution to the existing prepaid power voucher top-up payment method, where rural customers had to travel long distances to vending sites that were only available during business hours (except Vaitele Branch which is open 24 hours). This was time consuming, costly and inconvenient for the customer.

Now Vodafone customers can purchase their prepaid power balances at any time from their handsets. The payment is deducted directly from their M-Tala account balance.

How does it work?:

  1. Dial *175# from your Vodafone Mobile Phone.
  2. Customer then select Option 2 for payment & utilities.
  3. Enters EPC Meter Number,
  4. Enter the amount.
  5. Customer receives e-voucher via SMS.

M-Tala service is available to all Vodafone Mobile Customers. Each prepaid power transaction is free to the customer with no hidden fee’s. It does not require any data pack.

Contact Us

Visit any local Vodafone Store with your valid Photo ID and register for a M-Tala account to start buying your Prepaid Power. Call 67121 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for more information.


Vodafone Samoa, 1 Logan Rd, Apia, Samoa
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