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Samoa Water Authority

Vodafone in partnership with the Samoa Water Authority have linked together to bring forth a service on Vodafone’s M-Tala platform, which aims to increase the accessibility of every day locals to make bill payments towards their SWA Water Bill, conveniently & most importantly securely across the entire Samoa, all from their Vodafone Mobile Phone.

The launch of this new Water Bill Pay service via M-Tala is a big step towards making it easier for every household in Samoa to pay their Water Bill.

How this works using M-Tala is simple:


Dial *175# from your Vodafone Mobile Phone.


Select Option 2 for Payment & Utilities.


Enter the SWA Account Number.


Enter payment amount.

Make use of this service and sign up to M-Tala today!



Vodafone Samoa, 1 Logan Rd, Apia, Samoa
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