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Fixed Line with Wifi for your home!

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ServiceRate per Minute
Vodafone Landline$0.10
Vodafone Mobile$0.10
Other Mobile/Other Landline$0.18
Directory$0.50 (directory calls are charged outside of the activated plan)
Text per SMS$0.18

Postpaid Home Plans

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$19 Plan120120
$49 Plan350350

Terms and Conditions

Term of agreement is valid for 12 months from date of activation. Connection will be via Vodafone 4G Mobile Network. Number Sequence available start with 6xxxxx. Monthly bundle starts from the 1st of the month and when cap is reached, customer is able to top up and continue using until the next month’s bundle is activated. International calls is not include in the bundle and customers will need to top up to make a call. Monthly Statement will be emailed by the 20th of each month. Full payment of each monthly statement is due on the 10th of the following month. Customer needs to inform Vodafone in writing if any changes in E-Bill address and location. Termination: if customer wishes to terminate before the end of the contract period, customer needs to settle all outstanding to date and remaining months of contract.

Classic Landline

Calling Rates
(per minute - Anytime)
ServiceRate per Minute
Local Landline$0.10
Vodafone Mobile$0.26
Other Mobile$0.26
Directory Calls$0.50 (directory calls are charged outside of the activated plan)

Terms and Conditions

The Initial Term of this Agreement is the minimum contracted period during which you must acquire the Service. The Initial Term commences when the Service is first activated. If the Initial Term is not specified on the front page of this Agreement, then it is for 24 months. If you notify the Company within 30 days before the end of the Initial Term that you do not wish to continue the Service, the Agreement ends at the end of the Initial Term. Charges: The Customer will pay the Monthly Charge for the Service supplied by the Company, and any other charges charged in accordance with this Agreement. Charges may include: b) The Monthly Charge (billed monthly in advance), e) Any Cancellation Fee(s) as specified in this Agreement. You will be charged the Monthly Charge each month regardless of usage of the Service. The Company may vary the price plan, charges and Services provided under this Agreement at its sole option. These changes may include (but are not limited to) the Monthly Charge, The Company will use its best efforts (but is not required) to advise the Customer of any such change(s) 30 days before they occur. Billing: Vodafone’s billing period is from the 21st to the 20th of the following month. For your first bill, your Monthly Charge will be pro-rated for the period from your activation date of Service through until the end of the monthly billing cycle.


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