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Vodafone in partnership with the Samoa Water Authority have linked together to bring forth a service on Vodafone’s M-Tala platform, which aims to increase the accessibility of every day locals to make bill payments towards their SWA Water Bill, conveniently & most importantly securely across the entire Samoa, all from their Vodafone Mobile Phone.

The launch of this new Water Bill Pay service via M-Tala is a big step towards making it easier for every household in Samoa to pay their Water Bill.

How this works using M-Tala is simple:

  1. Dial *175# from your Vodafone Mobile Phone.
  2. Select Option 2 for Payment & Utilities.
  3. Enter the SWA Account Number.
  4. Enter payment amount.

How do I utilize this platform?

The customer will need to register their Vodafone Samoa Number for M-Tala and have sufficient funds in their M-Tala Mobile Wallet in order to pay their SWA Water Bill.

Not with Vodafone?

Now is your perfect time to switch over to Samoa’s most reliable Network. Pick up your sim and enjoy Vodafone’s attractive benefits. For more information about M-Tala, call 67121 to speak to our Customer Care Team.


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