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M- Tala provides you the facility to pay your Vodafone postpaid from your mobile phone. It is very convenient and easy. Hence no more queuing up in line, taking time out of your lunch break or even costly trips to town just to make bill payments.

Here are the following Vodafone services which you can pay using your M-Tala:

  1. Postpaid Mobile Phone Plans
  2. Residential or Business Landline
  3. Business or Residential Broadband Accounts

Simply dial *175# to bring up the M-Tala Menu and follow the prompts. Remember, you must be registered to M-Tala and have sufficient M-Tala funds to make your Vodafone Bill Payments. This will also require you to have your postpaid account details readily available.


Vodafone Samoa, 1 Logan Rd, Apia, Samoa
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